How are shipping charges calculated?

Shipping charges are calculated on a set scale depending on where each individual seller and buyer is as well as how many records from each seller are won. For sales inside the US, the buyer will have a choice of shipping methods between Priority and Media Mail. Insurance will be required (and automatically added) on all packages totaling over $50.

$9.25 plus $1.25 per $100 or fraction thereof over $600 to $5,000. As a seller, if you are having a hard time operating within the confines of the set shipping prices we will ask that you increase the price of your minimum acceptable bid to fit the difference. Please understand that using a system like this is not an exact science & at times you will be receiving more than needed & sometimes less than needed. Our hope is that it all evens out in the end. For our sellers outside the US, we ask that you notify us if the postal prices in your country are increased, so we can also make the adjustments here.

Shipping Charges

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