Who is Venerable Music?

We’re located outside of Athens, Georgia, USA and have been running non-stop monthly record auctions since 2009. For years these auctions only included 78 rpm records, but with the launch of the new site in 2023 we will be adding LPs and 45s as well to help facilitate all record trading.

Why Venerable Music?

Our goal is to create the least expensive and most efficient record trading platform around. As dealers ourselves, we were (and continue to be) unhappy with the other overall options for conducting record auctions and straight sales. This site is designed by record collector/dealers for record collector dealers. We aim to have the safest place for sellers to run a store. We want to avoid any upfront charges to use the site. If you have a record you want to sell or auction, you shouldn’t have to be deciding if it’s worth a $.25 listing fee. There are absolutely no recurring charges or subscriptions. The only non-optional fees ever incurred on the site are assessed when you sell an item.

We Support Sellers!

Unlike other platforms that seem to favor buyers with discounts and incentives (many times at the expense of the seller), we see things the opposite way. When a seller decides to list an item with us, we become their contractor. We are only successful if the sellers are successful and continue to choose our platform. We accomplish this in several unique ways. For one, we require buyers to purchase insurance on any orders totaling $50 or more (on items). By default, we mimic the US Postal Insurance rates. This ultimately does make the seller responsible for any loss or damage, but unlike other sites, you’re covered. Another big benefit are seller discounts for items purchased on the site. When a seller decides to use the balance in his account to pay for other items won or purchased on the site, they will receive a 3% discount on the entirety of cost. These payments simply go from one seller account to the other so there is no need to cover the fees charged to accept new money into the site (credit card or paypal). So this is an easy savings to pass on to the seller. Unlike other platforms that seem to have no real protection for sellers from problem buyers, our goal is to help identify these buyers before they purchase from you. In the future, we’ll be tracking buyer refund requests, insurance claims and negative feedback. Of course, accidents happen, and sometimes neutral or negative feedback is warranted. Our aim is to track those buyers that have habitual problems with multiple sellers and warn new sellers what they may be up against. It also helps us root out buyers that run refund/return scams as well as other shady dealings.

Fees For Selling

Unlike our competitors, Venerable Music asses final value fees on a sliding scale. The more an item sells for, the less the overall fee percentage is.

Normal and Preferred rates

Any item sold at or under $100 is billed at 12%, preferred 10%
Any item sold between $100.01 & $250 is billed at 10%, preferred 08%
Any item sold between $250.01 & $1000 is billed at 09%, preferred 07%
Any item sold above $1000 is billed at 06%
Preferred Status is granted for any seller with completed item orders over $1000 in volume spanning the previous 30 days.

Other charges

03% charge on all insurance, tax, shipping, and handling fees.
01.5% charge on total invoice if the buyer’s billing address is located outside of the US
$.89 charge applied for the processing of an individual invoice

Store Item Listing Fee

Any item sold at a set price from the store section will incur a $.15 charge at the time of sale.

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