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Venerable Radio is Back!

We're proud to announce that Venerable Radio is back on the air! Our hope is to transition the station to a stand-alone & listener supported entity. As we continue to grow we will be increasing the focus of the station to include more obscure sounds from the 78rpm era. Moving away from the dependency CD sales as our main funding stream will allow us transfer and play more items that have yet to make it onto a reissue format. As always, we'll be streaming commercial free & 24 hours a day!

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While we are winding down the CD & DVD sales, we are increasing our focus, effort & resources on selling original 78rpm records through our auction site at www.vmauctions.com. We see this as the future of our business and would love to have everyone join us there! Collecting, studying & enjoying this music on the original format is both an enjoyable & rewarding hobby. Its also not as expensive as you may think!

Featured Items
Bluegrass, Country and Old-Time

Jimmie Rodgers
The Singing Brakeman
Item currently unavailable.

Cow Cow Davenport
Best Of Blues
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List Price: $11.98
Price: $11.50
Big Band, Jazz and Popular

Deanna Durbin
Mad About Music - Rarities & Gems
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List Price: $16.98
Price: $15.50
Folk, World and Gospel

Various Artists
Overcome! V.1 - Preaching In Rhythm And Funk
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List Price: $18.98
Price: $17.00
Video and DVD

Martin Scorsese Presents - Warming By The Devil's Fire
List Price: $19.98
Price: $19.00
Books and Publications

Bruce Vermazen
That Moaning Saxophone: The Six Brown Brothers And The Dawning Of A Musical Craze (Hardcover)
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List Price: $37.50
Price: $35.00
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