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Walter Hurdt:
Walter Hurdt & The Singing Cowboys
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Description Walter Hurdt & His Singing Cowboys, who originated in Ashville, North Carolina, are one of the hardest to classify groups to emerge in the years before the US entered World War II. As their name suggests, they styled themselves a cowboy group in a region not generally known for spawning groups of that type; and while dressed in western style and included a number of cowboy songs in their repertoire, that description scarcely begins to describe the overall sound of the group. They had a hard-driving Southeastern string band sound, and beyond that seemed to combine two disparate stylistic sounds: the vocal and instrumental approach of the popular, innovative and individual Delmore Brothers with that of the sophisticated and similarly influential Sons Of The Pioneers. When it was all thrown together and there was more to add to the mix, including the original ideas of the talented band members the Singing Cowboys emerged with a sound that was very much their own, an often exciting, often creative and always entertaining hybrid. These recordings date from 1937-1940.
Track Listing Double Trouble Blues
Two Timing Mama Blues
I'm Ridin' Now
The Hobo Blues
Fiddle And Guitar Runnin' Wild
Playing Around
Fox Hunter's Luck
Hold Him Down Cowboy
I'm A Straight Shooting Cowboy
To The End Of The Trail
My Brave Buckaroo
Down The Arizona Trail
Rhythm In E
Guitar Rag
I'm Through With Women
I've Always Loved My Old Guitar
My Skinny Sarah Jane
Carry Me Back To The Blue Ridge
Train Special (Orange Blossom Special)
Think Of Me
She Won't Pay Me No Mind
I'm Drinking My Troubles Down
Cause My Baby's Gone
Blue Skies Above
Fisherman's Daughter
The Old Gold Coast
Truck Driver's Blues
What If My Dreams Don't Come True
Honeysuckle Blues
Audio Samples Double Trouble Blues
Two Timing Mama Blues
I'm Ridin' Now
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Label BACM - British Archive Of Country Music
Number 232
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