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Various Artists:
Rembetika - Greek Music From The Underworld
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Description REMBETIKA

Disc 1, The Ottoman Legacy, 1925-1937.
Greek singers from the Ottoman Empire were forced to leave Turkey after the Greek - Turkish war in 1922. They set the Rembetica ball rolling in the Greek recording studios.

Disc 2, Piraeus Heavy Hitters 1934-1946.
The title is self - explanatory

Disc 3, Dope,Dice,Guitars, Knives 'n' Such 1928-1946.
Songs with heavy underworld content in lyrics

Disc 4, After Censorship, 1937-1947.
Censorship was introduced in 1937. Despite this, a lot of Good Stuff managed to get onto record.

The origins of the music we now know as Rembetica lie in the obscurity of the mid-nineteenth century, or even earlier. It can be roughly divided into two schools: The first was that created by the Greek population of Ottoman cities such as Constantinople (Istanbul) and Smyrna (Izmir). In the main, this was played in public places of entertainment by highly skilled professional musicians, using, chiefly, Violin, lyra, Sandouri, guitar and mandolin. However, the fact that there also existed a rougher, more underground, form is evidenced by the "brothel" recordings made by Yiangos Psamathianos in Constantinople in around 1912 (see Arhoolie CD 7005). Meanwhile, chiefly in the underworld of homeland Greece, there developed another form of Rembetica, played in enclosed places such as "Tekedhes" (hash-dens) and prisons. This was more a music of non-professional musicians performing on guitar, baglamas and bouzouki.

Recording began as early as 1905, in Constantinople and until 1914 engineers from England and Germany made many visits to the Near East to record Greek and other local musicians. After the tumultuous events of the first World War, and the Greek - Turkish war which followed it, recording of Greek music by the large international companies switched mainly to Athens.
Between ca.1925 and 1937 a wealth of material was recorded, much of it of a semi-underground nature - a phenomen that appears to be unique in world music. However,in 1936 a Fascist government under Ioannis Metaxas took power and quickly introduced censorship. This censorship took a while to be fully implemented, but from 1937 on hard-core Rembetica was forced underground; although it made a brief post-war re-appearance on record in June, 1946, before censorship was reimposed.

The etymology of the words Rembetis (see glossary) and Rembetico (plural Rembetica) remains unclear. Several theories have been put forward,but none has proved convincing.
The word Rembetico first appeared on a record label in Constantinople in ca. 1911. It was used to describe a song (" Aponia") of mildly erotic, bohemian content and its subsequent use on record labels until the mid 1920s was, generally, to describe similar material. However, over the years, the word has come to signify pieces of a more strongly underworld nature.
Track Listing
Disc 1
Mandalena - Marika Papagika
Chakiji Zeibek - Achilleas Poulos
Tsifte Telli - El. Melemenlis
Huseini Manes - A. Dhiamadidhis ‘Dalgas’
Ballos Smyrneikos Me Mane - E. Sophroniou ‘Vaggelakis’
Aidhinikos Xoros - Marika Papagika
Zeimbekiko Melemenio - And. Dalgas
Piran Ta Frygana Fotia - Leopold Gad
Minore Manes, S’afino Tin Kali Nychtia - Kostas Karipis
Sousta Politiki - And. Dalgas
Bournovalio - Popular Orchestra
Melachrinoula - Marika Politissa
Rast Zergile - Marika Politissa
Markopouliotissa - Rita Abadzi
Dzerkeza - Roza Eskenazi
Gazeli Sabach, Sti Mavri Yi Chrosto Kormi - Roza Eskenazi
San Eyriz’ Ap’ Tin Pylo - Efstratios Payioumidzis
Mes’ To Vathi Skotadhi - Roza Eskenazi
O Prezakis - And. Kalyvopoulos
Yiovan Tsaous - And. Kalyvopoulos
Paraponiounde I Manges Mas - And. Kalyvopoulos
Ego Thelo Prigipessa - Stellakis Perpiniadhis
This CD is also available as a download from Marika Papagika - Rembetika: the Ottoman Legacy 1925-1937, CD A

Disc 2
I Klostirou - Markos Vamvakaris
Zeimbekano Spaniolo - Stratos Payioumidzis
Thermastis - Yiorgos Batiso
San Ise Mangas Ke Dais - M. Vamvakaris & Rita Abadzi
Kapote Imouna Ki’ego - Markos Vamvakaris
O Synachis - Markos Vamvakaris
Varka Mou Boyiatismeni - Yiorgos Batis
I Fylakes Tou Oropou - Yiorgos Batis
Prepi Na Xeris Michani - Markos Vamvakaris
Panta Me Glyko Hasisi - D. Gongos ‘Bayianderas’
Htan Anixi - D. Gongos ‘Bayianderas’
Manges Piaste Ta Vouna - Ef. Payioumidzis
Pende Manges - And. Kalyvopoulos
Soura Ke Mastoura - Anestis Dhelias
Taxim Athineiko Ke Zeimbekiko - Yiorgos Batis
Mes’tou Vavoula Ti Gouva - Stellios Keromytis
Ouzak-To Tragoudhi Tis Xentias - Efstratios Payioumidzis
I Moni Mou Parigoria - Stellios Keromytis
Ego Mangas Fenomouna - Michailis Yenitsaris
Taxim-Zeimbekiko - Markos Vamvakaris
Olli I Rembetes Tou Dounia - Markos Vamvakaris
I Baglamadhes - Stratos & St.Keromytis
Ithela Na’ Moun Iraklis - Nikos Vrachnas
This CD is also available as a download from Markos Vamvakaris - Rembetika: the Ottoman Legacy 1925-1937, CD B

Disc 3
Stis Syras To Aniforo - George Katsaros
Tout’ I Batsoi Pou’rthan Tora - Yiannis Ioannidhis & Manolis Karapiperis
Troumba - K.Kostis
O Skylomangas - Petros Kyriakos
Me Pianoune Zaladhes - A.Kostis
To Minore Tou Deke - Jack Grigoriou & S.Michelidhis
O Paraponiaris - Gus Dussas
I Efmorfi Attaleia - Gus Dussas
Echo Meraki Echo Dalga - Andonios Dalgas
To Yellekaki - D. Phillipopoulos & D. Efstratiou
Raste Tou Deke - John (Jack) Halikias
O Vlamis Tou Psyri - Rita Abadzi
Mas Kynigoun Ton Argile - Roza Eskenazi
Strive Logia - Yiorgos Karras
To Flidzani Tou Yianni - Rita Abadzi
Pane Yia To Prasso - Rita Abadzi
Ime Prezakias - Roza Eskenazi
Dhervisis Ke Anna - Stellakis Perpiniadhis - Anna Pagana
To Proi Me Tin Dhrossoula - Stratos & V.Tsitsanis
Hadzimilousiko - Mike Patrinos & Yiannis Deyaitas
Trikouverto - Jack Halikias
This CD is also available as a download from George Katsaros - Rembetika: the Ottoman Legacy 1925-1937, CD C

Disc 4
I Margarita - Rita Abadzi
Ola Ta ‘Cho Varethi - Stellakis & P.Chrysinis
Mikroula Pireotissa - Stellakis & Stratos
I Magdhalo - Stelllakis
Thelo Na Se Andamoso, Xaveriotissa - Stratos & Stellakis
I Mikri Ap'to Passalimani - Stellakis
Vaggelitsa - Ef. Payioumidzis & St. Perpiniadhis
Se Fino Akroyiali - Stratos & Stellakis
Tatavliano - Vassilis Tsitsanis -Bouzouki
Dhen Tha’rtho Peia Stin Kokkinia - Yiorgos Kavouras
Pali Mou Kanoun Proxenia - Yiannis Papaioannou
Paliopedho - A.Hadzichristos
O Tsiggounis O Babas Sou - Yiorgos Kavouras
Vadhizo Me Parapono - Yiannis Papaioannou
Tha Se Klepso Tha Se Paro - A. Hadzichristos & M. Vamvakaris
I Meraklidhes - Payioumidzis & Tsitsanis
To Portofoli - M.Vamvakaris & A.Hadzichristos
Opios Orfanepse Mikros - Stratos Payioumidzis
Manavissa Me Gaidhouraki - Markos Vamvakaris
O Serianis - Stratos & Stellakis
Tis Mastouras O Skopos - Stratos & St. Keromytis
Varka Yialo - Stratos & V.Tsitsanis
Nea Vaggelitsa - Hadzichristos & I.Stamouli
This CD is also available as a download from Rita Abadzi - Rembetika: the Ottoman Legacy 1925-1937, CD D
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Label JSP
Number 7776
Subsidiary Artists: Marika Papagika
Achilleas Poulos
El. Melemenlis
A. Dhiamadidhis ‘Dalgas’
E. Sophroniou ‘Vaggelakis’
And. Dalgas
Leopold Gad
Kostas Karipis
Marika Politissa
Rita Abadzi
Roza Eskenazi
Efstratios Payioumidzis
Stellakis Perpiniadhis
Markos Vamvakaris
Stratos Payioumidzis
Yiorgos Batiso
D. Gongos ‘Bayianderas’
Anestis Dhelias
Stellios Keromytis
Efstratios Payioumidzis
Michailis Yenitsaris
Nikos Vrachnas
Stratos & St.Keromytis
George Katsaros
Yiannis Ioannidhis & Manolis Karapiperis
Petros Kyriakos
Jack Grigoriou & S.Michelidhis
Gus Dussas
Andonios Dalgas
D. Phillipopoulos & D. Efstratiou
John (Jack) Halikias
Anna Pagana
Stratos & V.Tsitsanis
Mike Patrinos & Yiannis Deyaitas
Jack Halikias
Vassilis Tsitsanis
Yiorgos Kavouras
Yiannis Papaioannou
Hadzichristos & I.Stamouli
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