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Linda Dela Cruz:
Hawaii's Canary
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Description Inspired by Lena Machado, Hawaii’s Songbird, a fresh young island female voice would speak to a new generation of fans in the latter half of the 20th century, and quickly earn her own place in Hawaiian music history. Today, Linda Dela Cruz is remembered fondly as, Hawaii’s Canary, for her incomparable presentation – a precarious balance struck between strength and fragility. As quickly as Linda could unleash her stormy bluesy power, she could also caress with her gentle and subtle teasing. Her voice could climb to the loftiest peaks of the soprano register in one moment, and descent to the deep guttural chants of her Hawaiian ancestors in the next. All done with a sweet angelic smile on her lips, and a naughty twinkle in her eye. There will never again be anyone quite like Linda Dela Cruz.
Track Listing Hupe Kole (Ku'u Wa Li'ili'i)
Keala Ka'u I Honi (The Fragrance Is Mine to Enjoy)
'Akaka Falls (Wailele O 'Akaka)
Royal Hawaiian Hotel
Kauoba Mai (The Keyhole Hula)
E Mama E
Nani Kaua'i (Beautiful Kaua'i)
Baby Opu'ulani ('Olu O Pu'ulani)
Beautiful Kahana
Hanohano Olinda
Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi (Famous Is Hilo for Her Scenic Beauty)
Kaulana O Waimanalo (Famous Is Waimanalo)
Ka 'Ano 'I (Aia I Alaka 'I)
Kauoba Mai (The Keyhole Hula)
Ke Ala O Ka Rose (Fragrance of the Rose)
Ka Loke (The Rose)
Na Pua Ka Ilima
None Hula
Wahine U'i (Beautiful One)
Ku'i Tree
Kuhio Beach
Come My House
Audio Samples Hupe Kole (Ku'u Wa Li'ili'i)
E Mama E
Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi (Famous Is Hilo for Her Scenic Beauty)
Come My House
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Label CORD - Cord International
Number 77000
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